Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the deadline to submit a scholarship application is now May 1st, 2020

Scholarship Application Checklist

This is a PDF of the requirements you will need to begin to apply and complete your Scholarship Application.

Scholarship Introduction Letter

This letter will provide you with the specific details and requirements you will need to complete your application.



Abby White  East Greenwich HS

Myranda Silva  West Warwick HS

Courtney D'Amico  West Warwick HS

Meghan D'Amico  West Warwick HS

Jocelyn Gauthier  West Warwick HS


Dylan Bowden  Pilgrim HS

Eryka Daniels  West Warwick HS

Julie Davis  Toll Gate HS

Lacey Griffin  Exeter-West Greenwich HS

Natalie Mann  Toll Gate HS


Alec Charon  West Warwick HS

Elizabeth Carcieri  Toll Gate HS

Emily Langevin  Toll Gate HS

Juliana Cuomo  West Warwick HS

Richelle Sarlo  West Warwick HS


Kristen Disano West Warwick HS

Vincent Lancellotta  West Warwick HS

Joseph Paquette  West Warwick HS

Jared Rathbun  West Warwick HS

Taylor Worthington  West Warwick HS

Scholarship Recipients 1981 - 2015

Joseph Berger

Joshua Budway

Barbara A. Carroll

Holly Chapman

Penny Cleveland

Emily Dietzel

Deanna Dellacruz

Katherine Denyse

Luke Doyle

Julie K. Dreschler

Jenna Duggan

Krystal Durning

John Graham

Laurie Gray

Kelsey Hopkins

Courtney Iava-Savage

Katria Kuzmowycz

Kristin Larocque

Melanie Larocque

Matthew J. Martin

James J. Masterson

Sherri Mello

Nicolas Motroni

James Mullen

Mary Mumford

Kristen Nestor

Sarah Palumbo

Courtney Peladeau

Yeah Pollack

Mary Raiche

Jessica Rainville

Scarlett Restall

Daniel Reynolds

Courtney Savage

Andrea Sepe

Joanne Soprano

Shawn Tennant

Jeffrey Thompson

Kirsten Thurber

Jeremy Wolf